Coin Master Spin Generators Scam

You do a search, and find a website that says it can generate 10,000 spins and 999,999,999 coins for you. So you type in your username, and press generate. The page seems to start working. It says 90% generating. Suddenly, a popup windows shows up and says you need to complete three surveys to get the rewards. Willing to do whatever it takes to get spins, you complete the surveys one by one, and each time you open a link multiple tabs open instead. Before you know, you actually haven’t received any reward but only redirected to pages full of ads.

Had the same experience? Well, it’s time to stop falling for these tricky websites. These websites never actually generate any reward at all. So why do we say that these websites are fake? Here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t trust these websites:

1. They don’t integrate into the game

In order for the website to reward the spins and coins to the right account, it has to be associated correctly, right? These generators actually accept any username you put in. Their goal is just to get you to the survey page, or redirect you to pages full of ads because that’s how they make money!

Coin Master identifies users using their Facebook accounts. For guest users, there are unique identifiers. The fact that these websites don’t even bother to make you check that they got the right account makes them outright fake.

Coin Master Generator Scam Try 2

2. These websites are made to make money

Surveys are served to visitors for a reason: the owners are getting paid. And they are positioned as a way to verify if you are a human. That’s BS, because you can be verified simply by solving a CAPTCHA challenge.

Fake rewards and offers that are too good to be true often lure users into taking surveys.

3.You’ll go through a redirect after another.

It’s not just one website that you have to go through.

4. They collect information and sell it to third party companies

You may unknowingly and willingly provide information that tells about yourself, your preferences, purchasing power. All the questions are made to identify your profile, in the guise of getting the right survey for you. This is just one of the many methods that companies collect information from people. Be careful. Why do they have to know though?

5. These website may contain malware and computer viruses that can harm your phone or your computer

I tried one website. After getting through a lot of redirects, I was able to access the “generator” only be greeted by a Deceptive Warning Flag by Google. Who knows what’s waiting for me.

6. You won’t get anywhere answering the surveys

If you were able to finish the first survey, you might think that you’re done.

Can I get my reward now?

Nope. We have more surveys. At this point, we stopped answering the surveys. I’ve been here before, and I know this won’t bring anything productive. The companies offering the surveys will harvest all my information and give nothing in return. Not even a cent.

What’s the point answering all questions about myself then having to do it again?

Conclusion: These types of generators are not found only for the Coin Master Game. If you play Clash of Clans, or even Candy Crush, these types of websites prey on players who are hoping they could actually get anything from doing these useless surveys. Don’t get so hooked with the game that you’ll sacrifice your privacy just for a few more spins. It could harm your phone or your PC. It’s not the end of the world if you run out of spins. If you want to get more spins in the game, play well. You can read our guide on how to get 100 spins a day, or subscribe to Coin Master Freak on YouTube for updated game play.

The official rewards are issued by Coin Master through their social media pages. We just collect them in one place so you don’t have to search for these rewards. If you got no more spins, take a rest. Gotta take care of your eyes, too. Til the next post, chill fellow raiders.

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