Coin Master realizes their mistake and bring back free spins

Coin Master Free Spins Are Back

We’re back! We won! After a strong backlash from Gold-Card-deprived players, Coin Master finally brings back free spins. The last thing you should be removing from the game after not giving much needed golden cards, are free spins. Without that, the game just suck and won’t attract new players.

All games give freebies when you log in, so why should they be different? I think they’re done paying off the Kardashians. LMAO.

Anyways, we are back in business. You can check out the latest free spins on our website. Let us thank the game for bringing back this feature. This will definitely help the community and revenue grow. Trust me. Source:Dude.

We pray to the Coin Master Gods that you’ll get those Golden Cards and you’ll never run out of spins.

If you’re just as addicted to the game as I, consider supporting our YouTube Channel Coin Master Freaks. We post funny Coin Master clips and also Coin Master Gameplays. Ciao!

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