Why would Coin Master stop giving daily rewards

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Today, we will be talking about Coin Master’s daily rewards. If you have been playing Coin Master for a long time, you know that they give away free spins or coins every day. It really helps a lot, and is a huge factor that keeps players in the game. Besides, I never saw an app or game that doesn’t give freebies. But if you noticed, in the past few days there have not been any free spins or even coins given out. I also thought it would be just a one day drought, but it kept going. Now I have a few theories that may explain why they are doing this, and how it could affect the future of the game.


1. It is caused by a game bug

This is the most obvious culprit and this is not the only time players have been complaining about being unable to collect rewards. Although, it’s really shady if it takes more than 24 hours to fix a bug.

Coin Master Bug

2. They are testing out the effect of a no-reward game

I would love to believe that this is a bug, and not something else. But there are definitely other reasons why there are no more rewards. Another could be that they are testing the growth of their users if they stopped giving away free spins. Although the game has already been existing for 5 years, this could be just one test to improve the game.

3. The game needs to increase its revenue

Every game needs to pull in revenue in order to maintain it. They can earn from a variety of ways. The most common is serving ads to its user base. In the case of Coin Master, it displays ads in exchange for a spin or coins. I do applaud the game for not flooding the game with ads, and sacrificing the user experience for revenue. The second one of course, is in-game purchase, that’s why you keep on getting those popups urging you to buy spins.

In my opinion, they are curtailing the rewards to drive user behavior into the purchasing mode instead of waiting for free rewards. The game is addictive but I would never spend money for a few spins that easily gets used up. The game is not consistent, and maybe to some extent rigged, and the slots would use up all your spins before you know it. Next thing you know, you are purchasing another set of spins.

The game has been doing perfectly well. If they keep this on, they’ll see a drop of users. They might see an increase in revenue, but it won’t last long.

4. They want to lose players

I don’t know. Maybe they are trying to decrease their server load or just trying to reduce their user base. This doesn’t really makes sense, and actually sarcastic.

What good will come out of this?

Although I’m frustrated just like everyone else, I think there are some benefits that this issue can bring to the Coin Master community. And that is we’ll see a reduction of Coin Master spin generator scams. These scams generally can harm the user’s devices and gather sensitive information that users are willing to give. Most users are tricked into clicking reward links that look like it was released by Coin Master, only to be led to a generator that requires you to fill out a hundred surveys before you can get anything (actually nothing.) But aside from that, this action to remove daily rewards is going to harm their user base.

It is indeed hard to find the balance where you are able to serve the best user experience while earning the most revenue. This is called the maximum profit in economy. If one factor goes higher or lower, you won’t be maximizing revenue. I just hope Coin Master will realize what its users want, and will not just end up becoming a game trying to hog up its revenue while losing users in the process.

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