7 ways to get 100 spins a day

Playing Coin Master? You’ll understand that having a lot of spins is the way to win the game, and you need to get a lot, like a lot. Here are some few tips that help you get more spins and start crushing your enemies’ villages

Disclaimer: This article is not a hack. We do not encourage cheating in the game as defeats the spirit of sportsmanship. We provide tips not cheats.

Coin Master Gods

1. Login everyday

You can’t get your village upgraded and get the latest rewards if you’re not logged in. Coin Master now rewards people who are active. Every login gives around 10-25 Spins and around 1-10 million coins. Also the daily spin gives you up to 300 million coins if you get lucky. The amount of spins and coins are dependent on your current level. The best part is the Reward Calendar where you can get up to 2500 Free Spins if you login every day for 1 week (varies according to your level):

Reward Calendar

2. Visit Coin Master Free Spins daily!

Yeah, we’re just promoting our website here. But you know, you wouldn’t wanna miss it.) We provide links to free spins and coins every day. Look out for the latest links so you won’t get left behind. All links are updated daily, be sure to grab them all.

3. Invite your friends

Yup, the good old referral rewards. Get a friend to join the fun and get a 25 or more spins in return. I’m currently able to get 90 Spins per friend I can refer. This depends on your current level but it starts at 15 spins per friend then increases by 5 for every 10 levels you complete. But please don’t spam your friends. You will actually have a lower chance of getting sign-ups by blasting your friends’ inboxes with suspicious links. The best way to get your friends sign up is to make them interested. How? Just play the game when you’re hanging out with them, and they’ll get curious. (Tip: Don’t tell them what the game is, and they’ll be more curious. This is how girls attract guys, and is effective in arousing curiosity.)

4. Play with friends

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go further, go together. Making friends and having friends play the game with you can have its harms and benefits. If you have friends in the game, you can send 1 spin and coins once a day, and they can send back to you, too. Be generous, and the world will be generous to you. Having friends in the game can be annoying, too. Sometimes you’d get ganged up and everyone starts attacking at once. But you can also build alliances and non-aggression pacts so you can upgrade faster. That’s actually more efficient for you and your friends, but we know that attacking and raiding your friends is fun. It’s what the game was made for anyway.

5. Complete Sets

The game lets you collect cards while playing, and when you complete a set of cards, you will be rewarded spins – like a lot of spins. Each set requires 9 cards that you need to find by raiding, upgrading and completing quests. Some cards can be easy to find, others are not (screw that Martian Lettuce, haven’t found it yet. Can you send me one please?). Some cards can be traded but others are not tradeable, especially the Golden Cards (you really needed to sell your soul for this).

6. Join the Official Coin Master Trading Group

I put this tip after the 4th and 5th tips because you get do both. The official Facebook page name is Coin Master Trading Group. There 3 million members as of writing and growing. You can get help from other people who enjoy playing the game as much as you do. Most of the members of the group are generous to trade Golden Cards and give away cards they don’t need. You can ask for help without anything in return, or ask for a trade.

Disclaimer: The behavior of people that you will encounter in the Facebook group are not sanctioned by Coin Master. You may encounter strangers with malicious intents. It is in your own discretion to report and block the person. Also, don’t complain if you kept getting attacked by people you added as a friend from the ground. Remember, this game is based on that concept. You can politely request the person to avoid attacking you, but that will be on his/her own discretion.

7. Purchase Spins and Coins

Of course, you can always purchase spins. If you are too eager to build your village up and can’t wait for the 5 free spins every hour, you can buy spins from the store. The store normally goes on sale, (like everyday) but you can more on special days such as holidays.

*I honestly suggest that you shouldn’t go for this option. It’s not worth it. Just play the game and enjoy it. You can get more spins from diligently following the tips above and you’d be fine. I’d never pay just to have an advantage. The spins will not last long. I do purchase items in games, such as skins for heroes in MOBAs (I play DOTA2 most of the time). But skins can be sold in the market, and can actually prove to be valuable investments. Some skins increase in price over time, while others can be sold at the same price. Bottom line is you need to enjoy the game. It has a tendency to be addictive because it is a game based on gambling. Please do yourself a favor and don’t end up purchasing all the spins. You’d get nothing of value in return and you could have used your money with something better, like helping this website grow by donating or buying yourself a cracker.

Conclusion: All tips listed here are not hacks, but are tips that you can follow to rank up in this game. If you have just started playing Coin Master, my most useful tip is keep upgrading your villages. Daily rewards and referral rewards are proportional to your current village level. All you need to do is stay active and keep upgrading. This game can never be boring in my opinion because you’ll never stop upgrading your villages. It’s a good way to waste your time, but you don’t have to take it very seriously. Also always keep on lookout for links that we post for rewards. Have a great time playing Coin Master!

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