Coin Master realizes their mistake and bring back free spins

Coin Master Free Spins Are Back

We’re back! We won! After a strong backlash from Gold-Card-deprived players, Coin Master finally brings back free spins. The last thing you should be removing from the game after not giving much needed golden cards, are free spins. Without that, the game just suck and won’t attract new players. All games give freebies when you […]

Why would Coin Master stop giving daily rewards

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Hi there! Welcome to our Blog. Today, we will be talking about Coin Master’s daily rewards. If you have been playing Coin Master for a long time, you know that they give away free spins or coins every day. It really helps a lot, and is a huge factor that keeps players in the game. […]

Coin Master Spin Generators Scam

Deceptive Site Warning

You do a search, and find a website that says it can generate 10,000 spins and 999,999,999 coins for you. So you type in your username, and press generate. The page seems to start working. It says 90% generating. Suddenly, a popup windows shows up and says you need to complete three surveys to get […]

Game Guide Pages coming up

Game Guides Coming Up

We have noticed an increase of our website’s followers. We know you love the game as much as we do. To help you enjoy the game more, we will be posting a series of tips to get the most out of the slots so you can level up faster.