Coin Master Gameplay

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Coin Master is a very simple game to play. It has been around since 2010, released by Moon Active. It is a very fun game to play with your friends during your free time. In this article we are going to discuss the basic parts of the game that you need to know about.

Disclaimer: Coin Master is not a gambling game and does not reward anything with monetary value. No monies of any currency is used for betting. The slots does not reward anything of monetary value.

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Coin Master is an interactive mobile game with the following gameplay elements:


Players play as a Viking and have to build from over 250 villages available in the game. Each of them are based on different places, some real, some made. Player can villages can be attacked by anyone, but I like annoying my friends a lot by wrecking their villages or breaking all their shields. Once a village is attacked, the player can simply fix it by pressing the fix button hovering over structures.

Viking Missions and Rewards

Coin Master features 2 Viking quest missions in total. These are Regular and Bonus missions. When playing the Viking Slots, the Mission can be seen above the Spin button.

Regular missions will need the player to earn a particular amount of gold before he can receive a reward.

Bonus Wheel Mission plays is quite different as the player will need to earn indicated number of coins. This can be done by hitting the three Bonus Wheel icons as presented below:

Daily Bonus Wheel

The game offers you a daily bonus wheel. Players will get the chance to spin a wheel once every 24 hours. The player can win rewards accordingly by spinning the bonus wheel.

Super Bet

Super bet is an added feature in the game that boosts the player’s ability to win more rewards. Players can bet higher if they have more spins in their inventory.


Pets are companions that help the player throughout their journey towards becoming a coin master. There are 3 different pets in the game, namely: Foxy, Tiger, and Rhino.

Pets can be seen in the Pet area which is located to the left of the spin button. Players will have to visit the Pet area often to take good care of their pets.

They will have to either buy pet treats and earn EXP, or get pet treats from spinning rewards. If a pet is well fed, it will stay awake and remain active. It will also level up.


The little hammer icon on the slot represents an attack. When a player chooses to attack, he will be transported to a random player’s village. The player will then have the option to ether attack or choose somebody else listed on their revenge or friends list.


This option allows you to check the last number of player that have attacked your village. You can choose which player you want to take a revenge on.


Raids are a part of the action items available on the slot. Similar to attacks, player will be transported to a random village. The player is given 3 shovels and 4 spots which are marked “X” indicating where you will dig. 3 of these spots have coins and chest inside them while the last one is empty.


Shield are the reward items earned from spinning that can be used to protect a village from attacks. Players can have a maximum of 3 shields at the beginning, but keeps increasing at higher levels. If a bet is used to earn more than the maximum amount of shield, the spin that won the shield will be returned to the player.


Stars can be collected by the player through building villages, and earning new cards. They act as the rank of the player and are used to place players on the leaderboard.

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